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Toilet Training 101


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Toilet Training 101!

(For Cheryl & Finn!)

This can be a tough one, but after having participated in this with more kids than I can count, I have definitely perfected the “ins & outs” so to speak!! Here’s what I’ve learned!

First & foremost, every child will come to this in their own time. You will never see them attending their high school graduation in a diaper, so don’t despair if your first attempts don’t make it. The biggest key to toilet training is the child’s own preparedness. If you think it’s time, usually for our own sanity, go ahead & give it a shot. But don’t make yourself crazy if your child isn’t interested….you can persist, & succeed, if it’s necessary to your current situation, however, if you have the time to wait, it’s best to back off & try again another time, when your child is more interested in the process. Toilet training should not be a stressful or traumatic time, for either of you! That’s not to say you can’t be consistent with the “discussions” about using the toilet, & asking them to give it a try periodically. However, leave it at that & continue with the diapers if they are fighting you on it. Typically the easiest kids to train are the ones who are ready for it themselves!

Forget the training potties!! All you are doing is toilet training TWICE! These are completely unnecessary tools & simply serve to prolong the process. A small stool (with non-slip bottom for those tiled bathroom floors), so the child can reach the toilet, & a simple, inexpensive plastic child seat for your toilet will suffice. I have these items in both bathrooms, & the plastic seat travels easily with us. Pull-ups or training pants are also a waste of time & money, in my opinion, & again, only serve to prolong this process. They are also far more difficult to “change” than a diaper, & I have had to do many a shower hose down after trying to remove a poopy Pull-up!

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The biggest key is patience & the willingness to focus on the task. You need to choose a time that is settled & quiet, & will be for a couple of weeks. This is why…the quickest way to toilet train is a naked bum….completely naked, no undies, no pants, just a naked bum. Anything on their bum in the beginning will make them forget they do not have a diaper on, & you will likely go through their entire wardrobe in a day. Because we need more laundry to do! Finding the time when you know you will simply be at home, or for me, even the summer & being able to run around outside in the yard half naked, for at least the first week, will get you pretty far, pretty fast! And though you will be cleaning up messes, it’s still a far cry easier than cleaning them up if they’ve done it in their pants.

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